Vanessa NeumannOur women for the administrative and good vibes

Areas of expertise
  • Skills: Acquisition, CRM, Market Analysis, Budget Planning, Content Creation
  • Tools: Hubspot, Keynote, Excel
  • Languages: German
  • She is the good soul of the team.
Education & Career
  • Education as an administration professional, Otterberg, Germany
  • Advanced training as a Financial Accountant, Enkenbach, Germany
  • Financial Accountant and budget plannig for the city of Enkenbach, Germany
  • Financial Accountant for Rockstardevelopers GmbH, Mannheim, Germany

Vanessa (nickname “happinessa”) is some kind of inofficial “feel good manager” and is always bringing some sunshine into our office, even if the skys are gray. She’s helping on all fronts, especially with organizational tasks and with communication. While she’s new to the crypto space, she brings a vibrant touch to a highly technical team.

“When Thomas explained the concept of BlockCoder to me it was like an eye-opener to the world of crypto. I heard about it in the news before, but didn´t really know, how it can be used in a usefull way. The idea of BlockCoder is so simple to understand, that it is just obvious, that this platform will improve the working relationship between software freelancers and hiring companies massively”