Torben BergerOur guy for the though nuts

Areas of expertise
  • Programing languages: C++, Java, Javascript
  • EDA: Eagle, Mentor Graphics, Cadence Virtuoso, LTSpice, Micro-Cap, Verilog
  • CAD: Inventor, SolidWorks, AutoCad
  • Languages: English, German, Portuguese
  • He is the interface between our hardware and software developers.
Education & Career
  • B.A. Digital Media, DHBW Mannheim, Germany
  • Web-Developer Media Projekt Solutions GmbH, Mannheim, Germany
  • Application Engineer MRM/McCann, Frankfurt, Germany
  • Frontend-Developer MRM/McCann, Frankfurt, Germany
  • Freelance Developer working on projects for Deutsche Bahn AG, Daimler AG, 1&1 Internet AG
  • Co-Founder and Partner at Rockstardevelopers GmbH

Torben is a software engineer with 15 years of experience from a long and diverse list of prestigious projects for international clients with big consumer brands. On top of that he’s very skilled with all kinds of grafic works, photography, filming and so on. Torben lately found his passion for social media and is an active content producer on Instagram, Facebook and other networks. He will put his words where his heart is, by taking care of developer relations for Torben is co-founder of the Germany-based Rockstardevelopers software development agency.

“I started developing as a kid and never stopped since then. My motivation turned from knowing as many languages as possible and being the best developer in my class, to creating something, that has never been here before. BlockCoder is an opportunity for me to improve the lifes of many, many freelance developers around the world and leave my footprint. What drives me most is, that it is a project from developers for developers.”