Thomas HuhnThe mastermind behind BlockCoder

Areas of expertise
  • Seasoned entrepreneur: pre-internet, dot com era, mobile era, now blockchain era
  • Software developer with a MBA
  • 2 decades of software project experience
  • Experience as a web developer leading frontend and backend teams, technical architect, project manager, consultant and product owner in major projects
Education & Career
  • MBA in Business Information Systems (Germany, Saarbruecken)
  • Product manager in a digital audio engineering company
  • Founder of a weekly newspaper (print)
  • Director of technology in a Swiss billion dollar publishing company
  • Almost 10 years of running a dot com startup
  • Almost 10 years as a software freelance consultant
  • Almost 5 years of running a web and mobile development company

Thomas is a Software Engineer with an MBA, which is a quite rare, but also ideal background as a founder in the technical space: Thomas not only fully understands the strategic implications of new software technologies like cryptocurrencies, he’s even able to develop blockchain solutions in Ethereums Solidity programming language himself. Thomas’s experience goes way back to the early days of the dotcom boom 20 years ago, when he started to learn the new art of webdevelopment. Subsequently he was launching dozens of projects, mostly for enterprise grade clients, but some of them also on his own behalf.

One of his widely known projects was, a social feed aggregation service that invented the “social news feed” before even Facebook built it into their product. Because of the innovative concept Thomas was invited to the Social Web Foo Camp of O’Reilly, a once per year think tank, located north of San Francisco, with select participants from around the globe, multiple times.

Client work since then included websites and apps for car companies, banks and industrial enterprises. His network of business partners and developers was a foundational part for the success of the Rockstardevelopers company.

“Since I got first involved with crypto currencies back in 2010, I always wanted to develop it further, to establish something new and revolutionary out of it. Now, that we have got the technology and I have got a team of the most talented and highly motivated developers behind me, I could finally set it up. BlockCoder is an idea, that was created from my own (mostly bad) experiences with freelance platforms. I worked on the side of the freelancers and on the side of the hiring company, so I know the weak points from both perspectives. The main idea of BlockCoder is to use the blockchain technology to create a fair and trustworthy freelance platform, that eradicates the problems of the common platforms.”