Thomas AltmannOur guy for all future technologies

Areas of expertise
  • Programing languages: C++, Java, JavaScript, HTML
  • Languages: English, German
  • He is the multi talented developer genius.
Education & Career
  • Practical education to graduate as Computer Scientist (main focus: Application Development), Conrad Electronic SE, Hirschau, Germany
  • B.Eng. (with honors, 1,2), Applied Computer Science, East Bavarian Technical University Amberg-Weiden, Germany
  • Freelance Web-Developer working on projects for Postbank AG, Smooster GmbH, Mercedes Benz WM Campaign, Osram Licht AG

Thomas has started his “career” as a software developer at the age of 8, programming some games. He switched to web development at the age of 10 and stayed with this passion throughout his studies until blockchain technology caught his attention. Building his own blockchain was his personal approach to learning this new skill. Today Thomas is one of the most experienced developers in the team when it comes to developing in Solidity on top of the Ethereum network. 

“My ambition for developing BlockCoder comes from my own experiences as a freelance developer: I was trying to finance my studies by doing freelance work for international clients and learned a lot about the good and the bad of the usual freelance job platforms alongthis journey. I clearly see a big opportunity to disrupt this industry.”