Niels GriegerOur developer prodigy.

Areas of expertise
  • Skills: Angular 2, VueJS, GraphQL, Django, Phoenix, TypeScript, JavaScript, Python, Elixir
  • Languages: English, German
  • He is the young, extremely ambitious, rising developer star.
Education & Career
  • Finished his school in Germany early to concentrate on improving his developing skills.
  • Developed a modern and easy to use time logging machine with Django and Python, to be used by a 3,000 employees company.
  • Developed a comprehensive ressource planning program using Django and Python.
  • Developed a website that compares fuel prieces from gas stations close to your location using Elixir, TypeScript, VueJS und GraphQL.

Niels is like a younger version of Chris, his brother: only 18 yrs old, he already knows more programming languages, best practice patterns and libraries than most senior software engineers. Niels is an extremely fast learner and also a proficient security hacker. At the time of this writing he’s already working on the early prototype version of since a couple of months.

“I am a kind of person, that doesn´t give much on establishment and regulations. That´s why I am so enthusiastic about the decentralization that can be created using blockchain technology. BlockCoder uses the blockchain, to create a space for talented freelancers, that don´t want to work for some one else, but theirselves and I am excited to help making this space as good as possible.”