Marc RueliusOur guy for everything with marketing

Areas of expertise
  • Marketing fields: SEO, SEM, VSEO, Investor Relations, Market-Research, B2B-Marketing, Marketing Strategies
  • Languages: English, German, The language of pictures
  • He is the strategist, that decides how people from the outside perceive us.
Education & Career
  • B.Sc. Marketing Management (main focus: sports industry), University of Leipzig, Germany
  • Founder of Spreadvertise Agency
  • Created Marketing Strategies for Reserved Fashion,,, Rockstardevelopers GmbH

Marc has started his own online business a couple of years ago, while still a marketing student. Together with his partner he was running a successful online shop for sports clothing. Drawn from this experience, his next entrepreneurial adventure took him into marketing consultation for big companies. Being highly interested in the crypto space, he’s looking forward to use his broad online marketing experience and wide network to attract the interest of private and retail investors for the BlockCoder tokensale.

“When you work in the marketing industries, you get to know, lots of concepts that are good, but only a few are brilliant. As I am into the crypto scene for a while now, I was very curious as Blockcoder contacted me and as I went deeper into the thematics, I was so convinced of the idea, that I didn´t just want to be a consultant, but a part of the project – and here I am.”