Leslie HuhnOur women for creative ideas and B2B networking

Areas of expertise
  • Marketing Skills: Social Media Marketing, Content Creation, Press Relations, Webdesign
  • Tools: Adobe Cloud (e.g. InDesign, Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator, After Effects)
  • Languages: English, German
  • She is the creative and perfectionist mind of the company.
Education & Career
  • B.Sc. Marketing Management and Business Informatics, University of Leipzig, Germany
  • Founder of LH Brand
  • Co-Founder of Spreadvertise Agency
  • Worked with companies such as LĀ“Oreal Paris, Seat Motors, Grand Hyatt Hotels, Pernot-Ricard

Leslie is Co-founder of Spreadvertise.com and therefore worked with countless companies from all around the world. Leslie is a very influential personality on instagram herself and therefore built up a network of business- and celebrity contact. Due to her own experiences she knows what makes the difference between good and bad events and she has already planned, executed and marketed international events on several continents. Leslie will organize the attendances of the BlockCoder team for blockchain events and meetups around the globe, as well as trying to attract international celebrities to invest and promote the project.

“When working as a social media creator, you get to experience many different events, participate in big marketing campaigns and you get the chance to look behind the scenes. I want to fuse this knowledge, with my passion for webdesign and content creation, to push Blockcoders popularity in social media and classic media”