Chris GriegerThe guy that always knows the latest skills and sees the future, before anybody else can predict it.

Areas of expertise
  • Full-Stack Development
  • Frontend- / Backend Architecture
  • Load- and Performance Testing
  • Angular.js, Objective-C, React, Aurelia, Swift, Node.js, Swift
  • Languages: English, German,
  • He learns a new programing language in less than a week.
Education & Career
  • M.Sc. Software Technology, Stuttgart University, Germany
  • Full Stack Development and Teamlead for Deutsche Bank AG, Topomomo, Aktion Mensch
  • Load- and Performance Engineer for Consorbank, IKB
  • App Development for AOK
  • IT-Consultant at Syngenio AG, Stuttgart, Germany
  • Freelancing Full Stack Developer for international projects

Chris is a software engineer from passion and education. There’s almost no programming language that he has not at least tried out or is even a professional user of. Chris is one of the first team members and the solid backbone of any project he’s on. His approach to learning blockchain technology was to build his own blockchain from scratch, based on Satoshi Nakamotos whitepaper. There’s probably no better way to dig into this topic in depth.

Teaching juniors is his second passion and nobody does a better job in educating young developers in coding skills, best practices and software security. Chris will lead the development team of

“I am always on the search for something new and exciting in the software-developer world and are trying to upskill every day. In BlockCoder I see the opportunity to build a platform from developers for developers, that uses whole new technology and will lead to a fair freelance market.”